To Provide High quality products, Right supplies with affordable costs & on time
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To Provide High quality products, Right supplies with affordable costs
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Carpet is known for its comfort, beauty, warmth, acoustics and safety. Carpet can define the atmosphere of your Office & home. We have high end designer styles, cost conscious styles and everything in between. When it comes to buying carpet, you want a beautiful floor that will represent your own unique needs and personality. And you want it to be affordable. There’s no one better to help recommend the carpet you’re looking for than the experts at Oxygen Floors. As a leader in carpet sales and installation, Oxygen offers years of experience helping you find the flooring that meets your needs. With hundreds of different brands from major manufacturers, as well as our own exclusive brands, we can help your home look more inviting, beautiful and stylish. Oxygen have a full range of flooring products which includes Carpet tiles, Carpet rolls, Wood floors, Raised Access flooring, Resilient flooring and special finishes.


By definition, area rugs cover only a particular area of your home. They offer more variety in terms of design and material, so you can get really creative with your choices. Bamboo area rugs, braided, and modern rugs are some of the more popular kinds.


As a part of the GCC largest floor buying groups, we offer a vast selection of laminate flooring from major manufacturers to our own exclusively developed brands. Laminate is the newest flooring option that’s durable and easy to install. Best of all, it simulates wood, stone, ceramic and other natural looks.  Not only will you enjoy the beautiful styles at affordable prices, you’ll benefit from years of carefree maintenance and high performance with your laminate floors. At Oxygen, we understand that you’re looking for flooring that’s versatile, beautiful and affordable


Vinyl flooring has evolved. With today’s state-of-the-art technologies and digital designs, you can now find exceptional vinyl floors in every imaginable color, style and pattern. Vinyl flooring, also called resilient flooring, features intricate designs. The professional installation experts and flooring specialists at Oxygen can not only help you choose the perfect design for your vinyl floors, but assess the home or office area where to ensure that your new vinyl floor will be installed beautifully, Guaranteed.


Oxygen Waterless Grass allows home and business owners to create a low-cost, virtually maintenance free lawn that is green year-round and requires no mowing, watering, or fertilizers. We truly offer the industry’s most advanced and money-saving artificial turf. And, unlike some other types of synthetic grass that are created more for appearance than function, Oxygen Waterless Grass is a turf that looks and feels real


The raised access floor designed to create a high performance, green building by creating a building infrastructure under the floor for power and data cabling, as well as, under floor air distribution. The raised access floor covered in static dissipative or conductive finishes to be used in data centers or computer rooms.


To Provide High quality products, Right supplies
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