To Provide High quality products, Right supplies with affordable costs & on time
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To Provide High quality products, Right supplies with affordable costs
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At Oxygen Decor, you can get anything you need to design, decorate and beautify your home or office environment.Hand-in-hand with our line up of products come our unique brand of services. We specialize in customizing designs to tailor-fit your budget and preference, in whatever environment.

Whether it is a textured wall finish & Partition to enliven your home or parquet floor for the office, our team can do it for you. Your design will be uniquely yours, from floor to ceiling.

Ceiling work

From open space partition to any kind of multilevel ceiling we can execute any gypsum, metal & fiber design by casting any needed elements cornices or large size comes. We have our own carvers to implement special design that play  an essential role in a coherent interior decoration we also have our own collection of the most classical molds we use the best material for casting joining and finishing our gypsum works. We offer of gypsum ceilings that can be used in rehabilitation work and in construction. These gypsum board ceiling are renowned as the thermostat keeps the surrounding pleasant and cool and they are sound resistant.


  • Gypsum ceiling
  • False ceiling
  • Cladding
  • Bulkheads
  • Fiber ceiling
  • Metal ceiling
  • Cornice

Gypsum ceiling

Ordinary ceilings are covered with some kind of tiles or other covering material plain gypsum ceilings are  what they are called, thus made from plain gypsum. Although it might seem a little boring to have that kind of ceilings with nothing else than only plain gypsum, than think again as actually there are very many ways how you can make a plain gypsum ceiling look very good and interesting.

Actually the name plain gypsum ceiling really does not mean that it has to look plain, in reality you can colour it in all the colors the plain gypsum ceiling does not look so plain any addition plain gypsum ceiling can be installed so that it is not completely flat and so if you now cover it with a paint coat it looks really interesting and unordinary.

False ceiling

Our false ceilings are light in weight, moisture resistant condensation and subsequent dripping from ceiling on to work surfaces. These ceilings like gypsum ceiling and gypsum board ceiling can be easily suspended from main ceiling. False ceilings can be made from different materials including gypsum, mineral fiber and metal. We specialize in false ceiling installation by creating innovative and unique designs that perfectly match the indoor settings.


Ceiling claddings are fixed directly to the wooden or metal furring. The range includes both pre-painted ceiling panels and untreated panels for subsequent filling and painting on building site.


Bulkheads are used in diverse commercial and residential applications where there is a necessity to enclose certain existing fixtures or to enhance the aesthetic significance of a ceiling. Bulkheads can be installed in alternative sizes and rande of positions. Bulkheads bring a unique beautiful style to any ceiling adding just extra bit of class. 

Fiber Ceiling

We are offering Mineral Fiber Ceiling, which are mainly used as suspension ceiling. These ceilings are eco-friendly & biodegradable and are used in theatres, libraries, lounges, shops, cafeterias, cloakrooms and canteens.

Metal Ceiling

We offer to clients an attractive range of Metal Ceilings, which are easy to install and manufactured by using the most superior quality raw material. These are available to clients in various sizes and colors, which can be changed as per their requirements


The cornice is the uppermost section of moldings along the top of a wall or just below a roof.

Wall Partitions

Wall partitioning can create new offices or work areas from an existing work space. These systems can offer a simple way to divide space, all the way to high performance walls designed to meet strict fire or sound ratings. We offer many different styles of partitioning 


  • Dry wall partitions
  • Demountable partition
  • Cubicle partition
  • Glass partition
  • Wall cladding
  • Paint works

Drywall Partitions

Drywall Partitioning is an effective method to divide open areas into smaller rooms by the use of a track and stud system. Plaster is skimmed over the joints to ensure a flat continuous look. Aluminum doors and windows are easily installed. Drywall partitioning is quick to install and most typically used in Office, Industrial and Commercial buildings.

Demountable partition

Demountable walls are functional, offer flexibility and can be installed with relative ease. The big advantage of demountable wall systems is flexibility. For facility executives, that’s what justifies paying the first-cost premium. When changes must be made to a space, it’s far less expensive to move demountable walls than to tear down and rebuild drywall offices.

Cubicle partition

The office cubicle is a somewhat partitioned space for one or several workers in what is otherwise an unpartitioned and open building space for offices. In many companies, it has replaced the traditional individual office room or the large, unpartitioned space shared by many workers. The cubicle is intended to be a compromise that allows a certain amount of privacy, sound-proofing, and lack of distraction for the individual while at the same time encouraging a sense of collective space shared by all. The cubicle is also intended to be more cost-efficient.

Glass partition

A glass partition wall can have the visual privacy of a regular, full-sized partition wall without blocking the light from entering either room that it separates. There are many different styles available, from paned to etched to frosted to curved. Glass walls can be mounted to the ceiling and floor like normal, stationary walls. When glass walls are placed on a track, they can slide. Glass can be mounted into regular walls, creating a window from one room to another. Unless you are using glass blocks, which are stacked and held together with mortar. 

Quality Assurance

Being a quality centric organization, we endeavor to achieve utmost client satisfaction by offering quality Gypsum Partition & Ceilings products & solutions. We lay emphasis on following international quality standards throughout our manufacturing procedures. Our quality controllers check our range at each stage right from procurement of raw material to final production to ensure that the finalized products are of high quality.

We check our range on the following parameters:

  • Resistance to water
  • Cracking
  • Design

Only after the above set parameters are met, we allow our range for further dispatch. Further, we also conduct monthly training for our workforce to enhance their skills & production.


To Provide High quality products, Right supplies
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